In Search of Sunrise

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Sometimes I feel my heavy heart,

Sometimes I feel like I’m falling apart,

Sometimes the only thing that soothes my soul,

Sometimes the only thing that makes me feel whole,

Is sitting with this sadness, fear and shame,

Loving myself, without the need to blame, 

Facing my fears, no longer running away,

I face myself, I won’t hide today, 

I swear we’re just wandering lovers, 

Galaxies in bodies, supernovas fueling the hearts of us warriors,

I know the truth of my reality, 

Though still, I feel so human in the midst of vulnerability, 

The strength it takes to delve deep inside, 

Is what it takes to really embark on this ride,

Nobody told me it would be easy,

But I didn’t ask for security,

I desire self discovery,

I seek the destruction of false illusions, 

I ask for the light to shine on my preset misconstructions, 

Sometimes the best cure for a heavy heart, 

Is to simply accept this moment when your torn apart.

photo by: Laiken Nicole WIlliams
This is a side by side comparison of my aura and chakras. The photo on the left was taken on October 18th, 2012 and the photo on the right was taken on March 23rd, 2013. Within that five month span I dramatically changed my life in the direction of an upward spiral by pursuing my spiritual path, meditating everyday, eating healthier, taking yoga and various other methods to balance and align my chakras. You can literally see the difference in my energetic field.
something new
So we made our own shirts for Beyond Wonderland… P.s. the whole thing glows in the dark, and there are angel wings on the back because obviously ASOT 550 is heaven and we are just little angels dancing away. ^___^ meeeeeep. 3 more days ♥